Liberty Center Founder's Day Ice Cream Social, Sunday, June 22

There were a few upgrades from last year: a tent for the band and a sound system.   Attendance this year was up...word must have gotten out.  A pretty good crowd of folks listened from chairs set-up in the shade of a big maple tree across from the old restored train depot. The Wabash Cannonball used to run past this location, but today it was a good source for Bluegrass music and ice cream.  It seemed appropriate to play "Wabash Cannonball".

The weather was great - an occasional cool breeze as the sun was beginning to sink toward the west.  

Jason’s new son, Aidan, attended with mom, grandma, and grandpa in tow.   

It was extra terrific to see hear Jerry (ex-mayor  of Liberty Center)  take a break on the bass during  “Blue Suede Shoes.”   Contemplating the mystery of politics right now…

Thanks Liberty Center for another great, small town event! We hope to see everyone again next year!